About Us

about vivekBeing a home theater lover is something that is I am passionate about. My name is Vivek and I supposed you could call me seasoned home theater enthusiast. I love every thing about home theater world (well, almost) and I have been ingrained in home theater industry since 2006 when I purchased my first home theater.

I am not your typical ultra rich person with blind money to spend on home theaters nor am I a typical home theater seller they are just annoying and you can head to any big home theater store if you want to do that instead I am going to explain exactly how I got acquainted with home theater world and the right path to build your dream home theater.

My Story

Growing up I liked watching movies in theaters. I absolutely love big picture and big sound. I love the immersive feeling and the level of involvement you get in a commercial movie theater.

Move forward a little later I was always fascinated by the idea of replicating that kind of set up in the comfort of my home. Idea of getting that immersive feeling in my home and control over picture and sound was very attractive. But never had the resources and serious thought to set up an expansive home theater at my place.

It was a while when I came back home after my studies and a friend invited me at his place to watch movies that I discovered his home theater setup. It was a big TV with extra 5.1 speakers and a DVD player. A rather basic setup from present standards but looked very impressive at that time.

I Wanted One For My Own Place

I wanted to get one for my own place and that’s where journey begin. Still, on a tight budget I got myself a 29-inch CRT TV and a home theater in box that contain 5.1 speakers and a DVD player with inbuilt amplifier. I was ready with my setup. The sound from 5.1 speakers and amplifier was impressive but soon I realized that TV is too bulky and I want something bigger with HD picture quality. So I graduated to my next television this time a 37-inch full HD LCD TV.

As the passion and budget increases I wanted to move on a dedicated home theater room with a video projector and a component home theater system by purchasing different components from different manufactures (e.g. a multi channel amp from one manufacturer, speakers and subwoofer from another manufacturer and a blue ray from another company). Although decided against a dedicated room as probably I will spend much less time in a dedicated room and a living room is more accessible (although dedicated room has a charm of its own). Finally, got some good speakers a SVS subwoofer, a 7.2 channel AV receiver from Yamaha, a blue ray player and a 64-inch flagship plasma from Samsung.

My Mission With HomeTheaterPartners.com

The reason I have created this website was to help folks like you to take the right decision while setting up and buying a new home theater. Like the name I want to be your partner and guide you at every step, every decision you take in building your dream home theater. There is lot of outdated and false information out there and there are lots of false expectations people have without truly understanding how to set up a good home theater.

I am going to shine light on home theater world and provide you with experienced opinion and all the information you will ever need to set up your dream home theater. I am going to share all my personal experience with you and what I have discovered over the years through my own learning.

This include everything from how big and what kind of display you need, whether you need a projector or a TV, what kind of speakers you need, whether you need a home theater in a box or component home theater system, home theater related product reviews as well as the straight opinions that I feel may help.

I am speaking on behalf of industry and wanted to guide you build incredible and immersive world we all know as home theater.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Vivek Sehgal

Founder: DigitalAnalyzers.com