Best Subwoofers Under $500

best subwoofer under 500

If you add a top-quality, high-performing subwoofer to your audio system, you can create a highly immersive listening environment at home. The best products bring out low frequencies and enhance the sound quality appreciably. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a highly reliable and functional subwoofer. Today, many people are searching for the best subwoofer under 500. Are you one of them? Here are the best subwoofers under $500 you can come across nowadays:

Best Subwoofers Under $500

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1. SVS PB-1000 Pro

best subwoofers under 500

SVS offers the smallest ported entry-level subwoofer available on the market today. Let us explore the reasons that make this model one of the top choices under $500.


SVS PB-1000 Pro comes with a remodeled 12-inch high-excursion driver. A 325-watt digital amplifier powers the driver to deliver the best output. This product is available in only one color option, black ash.

Compared to previous models, PB-1000 Pro has a fresh back-lit control panel. It lets you manage the phase control, low pass filter, and volume. You can also come across a power switch and cord inlet, speaker level inputs, a trigger connection, RCA inputs/outputs, and a USB port on this subwoofer model.

Using the SVS app on an iOS or Android smartphone, you can control the volume, adjust the room gain, change crossover frequencies, access DSP functions, and many more. This subwoofer easily goes down to reach a low frequency of 17 Hz while most subwoofers in this price range cannot go below 25 Hz.


Amplifier – Class D 325 watts RMS (Peak power -820 watts)

Freq. Response – 17-260 Hz ±3 dB

Ports – 2

Input Impedance – RCA: 16K Ohms; 20 K Ohms at speaker levels

Product dimensions – 18.9 x 15 x 20 inches

Weight – 42.5 lbs

Technology used

The manufacturer aims to achieve unrivaled performance with the help of inspired subwoofer engineering. The most notable technologies used to power this device include New ICI, STA 325D amplifier, 12-inch high excursion driver, iOS and Android compatible smartphone app, dual-port cabinet design, and an acoustically inert cabinet.

Sound quality

SVS PB-1000 Pro offers incredible sound output. The deep bass thumbs generated by this device provide an immersive listening experience. In the beginning, it makes you feel that an inaudible sound is flowing through your body. Later, this subwoofer creates a deep rumble that creates a room-shaking effect. Further, it handles different genres of music efficiently.


  • Deepest and loudest bass
  • Enjoyable music playback and movie-watching experience
  • Easily reaches 17 Hz
  • A perfect blend of innovative technologies


  • The finish could have been better
On the costlier side but an ultimate sub and best overall package

2. Polk Audio HTS 12

best subwoofers under 500

Pol Audio HTS 12 comes with many improvements from their previous PSW models. What makes this model one of the best subwoofer under 500?


With a slick industrial design, this model easily catches your attention. It comes with a sophisticated 400W Class D amplifier. The patented Power Port technology enhances the functional benefits of this subwoofer. You can also find a highly dynamic Balance 12-inch driver on Polk Audio HTS 12.

Featuring built-in controls for low pass filter and variable volume on the rear panel, this subwoofer offers excellent ease of use. Other notable features include the MDF cabinet, 28 Hz-lower limit, 120 Hz-upper limit, and LFE/stereo line RCA inputs-connectivity.


Amplifier – Class D with a peak power of 400 watts

Frequency response – 28-120 Hz

Nominal Impedance – 8 Ohms

Standby Power Consumption – 0.5 W

Product dimensions – 16 x 14 x 16 inches

Weight – 49.9 lbs

Technology used

This subwoofer makes use of a patented Power Port technology to create an amazing bass response. This feature also reduces port noise. The Klippel optimized Dynamic Balance 12″ driver is highly renowned for its long throw and powerful impact. A top-of-the-line 400W Class D amplifier powers this device to deliver the best output for users. Other technologies used include American modern styling and universal compatibility.

Sound quality

Polk Audio HTS 12 offers stable and solid output down to 30Hz. It is adequate to catch almost all bass in modern music and movies. Clean and clear bass is what you can expect from this subwoofer. It provides improved linearity to make your listening experience highly immersive. You don’t need to worry about any distortion or turbulence.


  • Admirable bass response
  • Elegant cabinet design
  • Enhanced control
  • Smooth airflow transition
  • Improved linearity and lower distortion


  • Does not hit as low as some other subs in this list
Stylishly designed and great sounding subwoofer

3. SVS SB-1000 Pro

svs sb-1000 pro

As a $500 entry-level subwoofer, the sealed SB-1000 Pro has created a positive impression on many subwoofer connoisseurs. Let us explore the features and benefits of this model in detail.


The compact cabinet size of this model needs special appreciation. This 12-inch subwoofer comes with round edges and a glossy finish to create a stylish look. The deep bass extension of this device comes down to 20Hz to deliver the best listening environment. Equipped with a TA-325D amplifier, this subwoofer reaches a peak power of 820 watts.

The SVS subwoofer smartphone app lets users control DSP functions and volume easily. Other remarkable features of this subwoofer include an intelligent control interface and a sealed cabinet design.


Amplifier – Class D 325 watts with maximum power 820 watts

Low standby power consumption – Green 0.5-watt

Frequency response – 20-270 Hz +/- 3 dB

Input impedance – 16kohm (RCA) and 20kohm (speaker level)

Product dimensions -13.5 X 13 X 14.76 inches

Weight – 16 lbs

Technology used

SVS SB-1000 Pro utilizes the technology breakthroughs from the previous models. It combines this technology with many more innovations to take the performance to the next level. In addition to the 325D amplifier, this subwoofer comes with a highly refined processor, 50 MHz HD Analog Devices Audio DSP to deliver immaculate sound quality. Other technologies like a smartphone app and Intelligent Control Interface help you manage this device with ease and comfort.

Sound quality

This model offers more precise and tighter control of bass than many other subwoofers available on the market today. If you watch movies with explosive scenes, this device captures the magnitude of sound on lower registers with enormous power. It never chokes while dealing with different types of sounds. It also handles low-end output with admirable efficiency.


  • Outstanding build quality
  • Mobile app compatibility
  • Clean and accurate bass
  • Bass extension down to 20 Hz.
  • Compact design


  • Not a suitable option for large spaces
Compact design and tight accurate bass

4. Elac Debut 2.0 SUB3010

elac debut 2.0 sub3010

Many people consider Elac Debut 2.0 SUB3010 as one of the best subwoofers under 500. Let us discuss the most prominent features and benefits of this model to find out the reasons that make this product a popular choice.


This product comes with a high-performing built-in BASH amplifier that offers a continuous power of 200 watts. The maximum power generated by this amplifier is 400 watts. The compact design of this subwoofer lets you place it anywhere in a room easily.

With refined app-controlled EQ and DSP software, Elac Debut 2.0 SUB3010 allows you to integrate it into your system smoothly. Other important features of this 10-inch powered device include robust cabinets, auto power on/off, and L/R/LFE/RCA input.


Amplifier – ASH-Tracking with 200 Watts RMS and 400 Watts peak

Frequency response – 28 to 150 Hz

Standby power consumption – 0.5 watt

Inputs – L/R/LFE RCA

Product dimensions – 14.33 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches

Weight – weight: 32.1 lbs

Technology used

The most advanced BASH technology optimizes the subwoofer amplification efficiently. With perfect engineering, Elac ensures high longevity. Thanks to the elegant vinyl finish and robust MDF outer walls. The sophisticated digital control system offers you complete control as well.

Sound quality

This subwoofer offers an excellent depth of presentation. That is to say, the sound quality does not fade as the frequencies get deeper. It delivers crisp, accurate bass at all levels to create an engrossing listening environment.


  • A highly dynamic Bash amplifier with 200-watt continuous power
  • A functional and appealing design
  • Crisp and accurate bass
  • Excellent Bluetooth features


  • Hardware acoustic controls are not available
A popular and proven subwoofer

5. Sunfire Dynamic SDS-10

sunfire sds-10

You can find a lot of positive reviews about Sunfire Dynamic SDS-10 nowadays online. What are the reasons that motivate subwoofer connoisseurs to talk highly about this product?


This model comes with a passive radiator design. You can find a perfect combination of a 10-inch custom Sunfire driver and a 10-inch down-firing radiator. Sunfire Dynamic SDS-10 generates twice the output of subwoofers with single-driver designs.

This subwoofer generates 250W RMS output. The peak output is 500 watts. Other important features of this device are LFE/RCA Inputs, Line-Level Outputs, and a wide range of advanced audiophile functions.


Amplifier – Class D with 250 Watts (RMS) and 500 Watts (Peak)

Inputs – Line-Level RCA

Outputs – High-Pass Line-Level RCA

Frequency Response – 30-150 Hz

Product dimensions – 15.1 x 13.2 x 13.9 inches

Weight – 27 lbs

Technology used

This product comes with a proprietary Frequency Filtration Design technology. This iconic technology offers the best output, excellent fidelity, and reduced distortion. The dual drive system of this subwoofer generates superior power. It also allows multiple connectivity options. The energy efficiency of Dynamic SDS10 deserves special appreciation as well.

Sound quality

It is hard to find a better subwoofer for a small, cozy room setup than Sunfire Dynamic SDS-10. The distortion issues always stay at acceptable levels. You can always expect a balanced sound even in highly demanding circumstances. There are enough crossover features to control low and mid-bass output to create a customized listening experience.


  • Dual driver with 500-watt maximum power
  • Stylish and flexible design
  • High energy efficiency
  • A suite of top-quality audiophile features
  • Maximum output with a proprietary FFD technology


  • Basic cabinet Finish
Most enjoyable bass of all models

6. Klipsch SPL-120

best subwoofers under 500

The SPL-120 is a refined version of the Klipsch Reference series. How does this subwoofer generate room-filling bass to create the best sound output and keep users satisfied?


A 300-watt RMS amplifier powers this subwoofer to generate admirable and engrossing sound output. You can connect this device to any home theatre system using LFE and Line-Level inputs. With the help of phase control, crossover, and back-panel gain let you fine-tune the bass exactly according to your needs.

Other vital features of SPL-120 include a highly vibrant 12-inch copper Cerametallic woofer, durable and scratch-resistant durable MDF cabinet, and a removable cloth grille.


Amplifier – Class D 300W RMS and 600W Peak

Inputs – Line level/LFE

Frequency response – 24-125 Hz

Maximum Acoustic Output: 118dB

Product dimensions – 17.75 x 14.7 x 19.9 inches

Weight – 45 lbs

Technology used

A proprietary Internal Flare Technology is used to reduce the port noise to minimal levels. Proper integration of this technology into the SPL-120 cabinet produces clean undistorted low frequencies. Cerametallic woofers use only minimal power to generate clean output.

Sound quality

At lower listening levels, this subwoofer offers precise, controlled bass. Further, it offers responsive bass tones at all volumes. The sound quality and balance of this device are better compared to other products in the same price range. It delivers roof-filling bass to make your listening experience highly interactive.


  • Outstanding bass response
  • Reduced port noise with Internal Flare Technology
  • Scratch-resistant and durable cabinet
  • 300W RMS / 600W Peak
  • Front-Firing Internal Flare Port


  • Certain sound volumes and effects create some distortion
Poweful bass with Klipsch Reliability

These are the best subwoofers under 500 that you can come across nowadays. You need to assess your needs and budget before choosing the right one.

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Bes Subwoofer under $500 – A short guide

Ported or Sealed subwoofers

A subwoofer is a component of a speaker set that generates the lowest frequency ranges. There are two types of subwoofer cabinet designs available on the market, ported and sealed. A ported subwoofer comes with a woofer and one or more ports. The port helps the air to escape out of the box. As the name suggests, a sealed subwoofer comes in a sealed box. There is only one route for the bass to leave the cabinet. You won’t be able to find a port or passive radiator in a sealed subwoofer.


A subwoofer is a loudspeaker designed to recreate the lowest audible frequencies. The frequency of a subwoofer refers to the audible periodic vibration that is calculated in hertz (Hz). Generally speaking, the frequency of subwoofers available on the market ranges between 20 and 200 Hz.


The power of a subwoofer refers to how loud it might able to play. It is measured in watts. Two values are used to represent the power of this device; RMS and peak power. RMS (Root Mean Square) represents the amount of power that a subwoofer can handle continuously. The peak power shows the total amount of power that a subwoofer can handle in short bursts within a specified time.

Driver or cone

A driver, also known as a transducer, is a mechanical component of a subwoofer. With the right movement of the air, it converts the audio signal’s electrical energy into mechanical energy to create sound.


The electrical resistance of a subwoofer is known as impedance. It is measured in Ohms. You need to make sure that the impedance of your subwoofer and amplifier match perfectly.

FAQ on Best subwoofers under $500

1. What is the best subwoofer under $500?

According to us the best subwoofer under 500 is SVS PB-1000 Pro. Not only is it able to produce extremely low-frequency bass with ease but also comes packed with the latest features. It is now $100 more expensive than the regular SVS PB-1000 model and doesn’t come technically under the $500 mark. But the extra money spent is worth it as it has better sound quality, able to hit even lower frequencies, and comes with improved features like an extra port, a bigger 12-inch driver, and a smartphone app.

2. What is the best subwoofer for sound quality?

If your preference is movies then SVS PB 1000 Pro Can be your best choice. If you like tight musical sound quality, SVS SB-1000 Pro is your best bet. The tight musical bass produced by this sealed subwoofer is unrivaled. Polk Audio HTS-12 is another great-sounding subwoofer in this category.

3. What are the hardest-hitting subs?

All the Subwoofers mentioned here on the top can produce no shaking bass. But SVS PB-1000 Pro was able to hit the lowest frequency with ease. Another subwoofer we loved is Sunfire Dynamic SDS-10, although it was not able to go as low as SVS models, the bass produced by it was most enjoyable.

4. What is the best home subwoofer brand?

According to us two best home subwoofer brands are SVS and HSU Research. While SVS produces great subwoofers for all kinds of users, HSU also gives it tight competition across the range.

5. Should I purchase a Subwoofer?

At least a single subwoofer is necessary for any kind of listening environment and use. Whether you are watching a movie or simply listening to music a good subwoofer can increase sound quality manyfold. Woofer present in floor standing speakers and bookshelf speakers can produce some bass but can never go as low as even a basic dedicated subwoofer. Thus at least a single subwoofer is a must if you want to enjoy an involved and complete frequency sound experience.


Many people are looking for the best subwoofers under 500 nowadays. The key is to make an informed purchase decision. If you have a clear idea about all these aspects, you can make the best buying decision that meets your unique needs.

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