Marantz SR5015 vs Yamaha RX-A4A

Marantz SR5015 vs Yamaha RX-A4A

The functionality of a home theatre system is heavily dependent on the accessories you have. If you truly want to exploit all the features of a home theatre system, it is always good to get a good AV receiver along with it.

However, have you tried searching for an AV receiver?

You will come across numerous options, and comparing them manually is quite difficult.

We will today help you out by comparing the two most popular AV receivers you can opt for. We are speaking about Marantz SR5015 vs Yamaha RX-A4A. Our comparison will be done on numerous parameters so that you can choose between Marantz SR5015 vs Yamaha RX-A4A easily.

Marantz SR5015 vs Yamaha RX-A4A Comparison:

Marantz SR5015

Yamaha RX-A4A


Best Value

Best Choice




Watts Per Channel




Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

Dolby Atmos, DTS:X


HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 8K Upscaling, 8K Passthrough

HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 4K Upscaling, 8K Passthrough

HDMI Inputs



Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, DLNA, HEOS

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, MusicCast

Today's Best Price

Design and Build:

When choosing an AV receiver, the design and build play a very important role. Design lets you know about its aesthetics and whether it will go well with the interiors of your home or stand out like a sore thumb. Build, on the other hand, lets you know about its form factor and the amount of space which it will need.

On the design front, Marantz SR5015 has a sleek and modern look. We would dare say that it has an almost futuristic look.

Most of the inputs and outputs of the AV receiver are on the backside. The front has a few buttons in line along with the minimalistic display and a couple of dial controls. Minimalistic design ensures that it goes well with the other accessories you are using. That is why, in your living room, it will gel with your home theatre system.

As for the build quality, it has a sturdy casing on the outer side which prevents any wear and tear in damage. In terms of dimensions, it measures 17.3″ x 13.3″ x 6.3″. Consequently, it does not need a lot of space either.

Yamaha RX A4A has an even sleeker design. Controls on the front are inseam with the form factor of the AV receiver. You get a couple of dials along with a few ports and in-line buttons. Similar to the other AV receiver, most of the inputs and outputs are on the backside.

As for the dimensions, those are 17.37 x 17″ x 7.5″.

In terms of design and build quality, while Yamaha RX A4A might be a bit bigger but it has a sleek design that makes it a better choice.

Winner: Tie


The number of channels of the AV receiver is its bread and butter. Without checking the same, choosing an AV receiver is a mistake.

Marantz SR5015 offers you 7 different channels. To help you use the channels easily, it provides you with an eco-mode that adjusts the power output based on the volume level. You won’t have to manually control every channel. That way, you can connect up to 7 speakers and automate their controls.

Yamaha RX A4A also offers you up to 7 channels. You can easily connect the seven speakers to create a surround sound experience.

While both the AV receivers offer you seven channels but Marantz SR5015 has an edge due to the eco boost mode it offers.

Winner: Tie


The job of an AV receiver is to synchronize the inputs and outputs so that connecting various accessories to the home theatre system becomes easy. That is why the number of inputs and outputs plays an important role when choosing an AV receiver.

Marantz SR5015 offers 6 HDMI inputs and 2 HDCP 2.3 compliant outputs. Additionally, it offers a USB port, aux inputs, analog, and digital inputs, phono input. In a nutshell, all the necessary ports you need in an AV receiver are on offer.

Yamaha RX A4A offers you 7 HDMI inputs and 3 HDMI outputs compliant with HDCP 2.3. It offers a front USB port and an input for connecting phones.

These days, the number of HDMI inputs and outputs plays a very important role. In this department, Yamaha RX A4A has an edge.

Winner: Yamaha RX-A4A

Audio Capabilities:  

Marantz SR5015 offers you discrete amplifiers on all 7 channels. Apart from that, it offers 100W of power on all the channels. That way, you get high-quality output on all the channels.

Yamaha RX A4A also has amplifiers on all 7 channels. The output power is 110 W. That is 10W more than its competitor. With appropriate reproduction across all the audio frequency ranges, you won’t have to worry about the audio at all.

Higher output power makes Yamaha RX A4A a better choice in this regard.

Winner: Yamaha RX-A4A

Video Capabilities:

Marantz SR5015 allows you to screen movies with 8K quality at 60Hz. It provides you with dynamic HD and quick media switching, which ensures that there is no delay while screening the movies. Additionally, it provides you with a lag-free gaming experience as well since it offers a resolution of 4K at 120 Hz for gaming. For gaming specifically, it has an auto low latency mode, quick frame transport, and variable refresh rate. All these ensure that you can enjoy gaming in real-time.

Yamaha RX A4A offers you 8K resolution at 60 Hz or 4K resolution at 60 Hz or 120 Hz. However, it does not have a separate port for gaming. That is why, if you want to enjoy the gaming experience using your home theatre system, this one won’t be able to help you much.

The excellent versatility of Marantz SR5015 makes it a better choice in this regard.

Winner: Marantz SR5015

Value for money:

While looking at features is a necessity while buying an AV receiver, you have to also look at the cost of both before taking a call.

Fortunately, both of them are priced at just 7% apart, with Yamaha RX A4A being on the expensive side.

If you’re purely taking a call on value for money, Marantz SR5015 is the one you should go with.

Winner: Marantz SR5015


We are having a tough competition Between Marantz SR5015 vs Yamaha RX-A4A. You can pick the Yamaha receiver for its more powerful with better amplifier performance, while the Marantz receiver offers better value and gaming experience. You can not go wrong with anyone.

Marantz SR5015

Yamaha RX-A4A

  • 7.2 Channels

  • 100 Watts

  • 6 HDMI Inputs

  • 7.2 Channels

  • 110 Watts

  • 7 HDMI Inputs


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