Marantz SR8015 vs Yamaha RX-A6A

marantz sr8015 vs yamaha rx a6a

You need to compare different AV receiver models before choosing the most suitable one that fulfills your needs. This Marantz SR8015 vs Yamaha RX-A6A comparative study discusses everything you must know about these two models. You will get a better understanding of the design, channels, video features, audio capabilities, and connectivity of these products after reading this Marantz SR8015 vs Yamaha RX-A6A analytical study.

Marantz SR8015 vs Yamaha RX-A6A Comparison:

Marantz SR8015

Yamaha RX-A6A


Best Choice

Best Value




Watts Per Channel




Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro 3D

Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D


HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 8K Upscaling, 8K Passthrough

HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 4K Upscaling, 8K Passthrough

HDMI Inputs



Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, DLNA, HEOS

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, MusicCast

Today's Best Price


The design elements of SR8015 are not different from other Marantz models you can come across nowadays. The only striking difference is the size of this model. It is the Marantz biggest receiver on the market today. As always, the curvy front corners and the matte texture look impressive.

The front side comes with the exclusive Marantz two-tone effect. The brushed metal look makes the center part attractive. There is a blue light on the outside of the front circular display of SR8015. The front hatch hides all display functions to lend a stylish and organized look.

The compelling design of A6A combines power and precision perfectly. The boxy design of this model creates a great first impression. The chassis of this product looks robust. You can expect improved stability against vibrations. Thanks to the 5th foot located on the bottom.

The center part on the front features a large volume knob. It also comes with a stylish LCD display on the front panel. The symmetrical layout of this AV receiver creates a smooth path for signals.

Both models look appealing and stylish. However, you can find the design of the Yamaha model more elegant and stylish.

Winner: Yamaha RX-A6A


The Marantz receiver has an 11.2-channel amplifier. It supports 13.2-channel processing. The Yamaha model boasts a 9.2-channel amplifier on the Yamaha receiver. This model supports 11.2-channel processing. SR8015 comes with front-wide channel support. You cannot find this feature on the A6A model.

A 9.1.2 or 7.1.4 system can be configured using the internal amplifiers of the Marantz.SR8015. External amplifiers let you configure it into a 9.1.4 or 7.1.6 system. You can convert the A6A model into a 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 setup using internal amplifiers. With the help of external amplifiers, you can transform the Yamaha receiver into a 7.1.4 system.

Which model performs better in terms of channels? An unbiased analysis of channels suggests that SR8015 is a better choice than the Yamaha counterpart.

Winner: Marantz SR8015


SR8015 has 8 HDMI inputs. It also comes with 3 HDMI outputs. This model also comes with connectivity features like phono input, Enhanced ARC, Ethernet, 2.3 HDCP Version, 7 analog audio line inputs, 2 optical audio inputs, 5 composite video inputs, 1 composite video output, 3 component video inputs, and 1 component video output.

You can find inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters on this device. SR8015 supports AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.

Let us look at RX A6A’s connectivity features. This receiver boasts 7 HDMI inputs. It also has 3 HDMI outputs. Other connectivity-related features of this model include Ethernet cable, Enhanced ARC, 2.3 HDCP Version, phono input, 3 optical inputs, 2 composite video inputs, and 1 component video input.

RX A6A boasts a Wi-Fi adapter. You can also come across a Bluetooth adapter on this receiver. It supports AirPlay 2, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa.

A detailed comparison always indicates that Marantz SR8015 has superior connectivity features compared to the A6A model.

Winner: Marantz SR8015

Audio Capabilities

SR8015 produces 140 watts per channel at 8Ohms. RX A6A drives 150 watts at 8 Ohms. What does it suggest? The Yamaha model is superior to the Marantz model in terms of amplifier performance.

Both home theater receivers support all leading Dolby formats. They also come with a highly competent Dolby Surround upmixer. However, the Dolby Digital EX feature available on SR8015 cannot be found on the Yamaha model.

If you look at the DTS compatibility, these two receivers support all DTS features, including HD Master Audio, DTS :X, DTS Neural: X, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio, and DTS Express. However, RX A6A does not support DTS Virtual: X. The SR8015 model is compatible with DTS Virtual: X. Another feature that A6A misses out on is MAX Enhanced.

Overall, Marantz SR8015 offers improved audio features than RX A6A. Now, let us check the performance and sound quality of these models.

SR8015 produces consistent bass response and tonal balance to make your listening experience fully immersive. The surround impression created by this device is admirable. It performs efficiently at low, mid-range, and high volume levels. Don’t worry about changes in volume when switching between commercials and TV programs.

Offering a harmonious blend of high power, minute detail, and outstanding depth, SR8015 creates a superior sonic signature sound. Your movie-watching sessions will become incredibly enjoyable. It handles both loud and subtle scenes with immaculate precision to balance sound variations.

The Yamaha model takes your system performance to a different level. Thanks to the amazing power and clarity. The bass is efficiently pulled out by the crossovers. It offers unparalleled surround imaging. An engaging audio experience is what you can expect from this receiver.

RX A6A reproduces the creative details in movies with unparalleled precision. The immersive sound effects will make your movie-watching experience highly enjoyable. The surround effect optimization of this receiver can be termed brilliant. You can enjoy rich, expressive, and detailed sounds at low, high, and mid-range levels. Don’t bother about sound distortions when you depend on this AV receiver.

Winner: Marantz SR8015

Video Capabilities

8K pass-through up to 60p can be linked with A6A and SR8015. The Yamaha model can perform 4K upscaling up to 60p, while SR8015 offers 8K upscaling up to 60p. These two receivers support Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HDR10.

Winner: Marantz SR8015

Value for Money

The A6A model falls short in terms of video, audio, and connectivity features. However, it provides a better amplifier performance. You need to pay around $1500 more to buy Marantz SR8015 than A6A. If you are worried about the budget, the Yamaha receiver provides better value for money.

Winner: Yamaha RX-A6A


Marantz SR8015 vs Yamaha RX-A6A – which AV receiver is a superior product? As mentioned above, the amplifier performance of the A6A model is superior to SR8015. If you look at the audio capabilities, video features, connectivity features, and channels, you can find SR8015 standing taller than the Yamaha counterpart. The fact of the matter is that the Marantz model is a better performing home theater receiver than the A6A model.

Marantz SR8015

Yamaha RX-A6A

  • 11.2 Channels

  • 140 Watts

  • 8 HDMI Inputs

  • 9.2 Channels

  • 150 Watts

  • 7 HDMI Inputs


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