Yamaha RX-A8A Review – Perfect Flagship Receiver?

Yamaha RX-A8A

Product Name: Yamaha RX-A8A

  • DESIGN - 94
  • FEATURES - 92
  • VALUE - 91


Revolutionary design and powerful performance makes this flagship offering from Yamaha extremely desirable.


  • Attractive design and superior build quality
  • Excellent DSP capabilities
  • Advanced HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Impeccable sound quality
  • Sophisticated music optimizer
  • A robust amplifier
  • Excellent compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Flexible surround AI features


  • Missing front HDMI ports
  • The build quality of the remote is average

Yamaha RX-A8A Review

Yamaha RX-A8A review

The flagship model, Yamaha RX-A8A, has been a hot topic of discussion nowadays. What about the design and features of this model? What to expect with the audio and video capabilities of this AV receiver? Many people are searching for convincing answers to these questions. Let us do a detailed Yamaha RX-A8A Review to assess the features and performance.

Yamaha RX-A8A – Design

RX A8A is one of the biggest home theater receivers available on the market these days. The weight of this product is 47.2 lbs. If you look at the overall design, you can find many similarities with other Aventage models. However, this flagship model is packed with extra hardware to deliver improved performance.

The front gloss side enhances the overall look appreciably. The volume knob has been positioned in the middle of the front panel. You can find a refined LCD display near the volume button. A small button on the right side lets you control the display with ease. The matte surface on the lower part boasts a USB port and a circular button.

The build quality of this model is excellent. Premium construction methods ensure high longevity. It comes with a double bottom plate to lower vibration considerably. Other vital components that make the construction solid include the circuit board’s thick copper coil, 5th damping foot, and H-shaped cross frame chassis.

If you closely watch other Aventage models, you can find the same design pattern on this model. However, it comes with a larger dimension. The internal components used in this model are superior to previous versions. The remote looks attractive. The build quality of the remote could have been better.

The elegant design of RX A8A makes an instant positive impression on users. Top-quality components are used to make this product highly durable.

Yamaha RX-A8A – Features

Let us focus on the features of RX A8A. The features determine the performance quality of an AV receiver. As a renowned and reliable manufacturer, Yamaha has done well to offer top-quality features on this device.

Powerful amplifier

The slew rate of an amplifier is a critical factor. It determines the accuracy of signal transmission. This model comes with an 11-channel amplifier with admirable power generation capacity. The powerful amplifier of A8A is capable of handling high-resolution audio signals with immaculate precision.

Top-Quality Digital components

Yamaha uses the finest quality digital components to ensure an engaging listening experience. One perfect example is the Qualcomm QCS407 system chips. This feature makes A8A highly compatible with the most advanced technologies. It also provides refined digital signal processing capabilities. Further, you can expect smooth integration that takes the performance of this device to the next level.

The digital to analog converters of this receiver enhance the signal-to-noise ratio admirably. You can forget about distortion. Thanks to the twin SABRE ES9026 Pro DACs. This home theater receiver delivers clear and detailed sound to keep users highly satisfied.

Advanced and flexible surround AI

This AV receiver comes with the most advanced and flexible Surround: AI capabilities. This feature provides the most refined surround sound to transform your listening experience. The DSP’s dynamic processing evaluates scenes timely and makes the necessary adjustments to the surround effect. You can enjoy unbelievable realism when using A8A.

Wide range of compatible surround formats

This model is a highly flexible device that supports a wide range of surround formats. You can enjoy a fully immersive listening experience. Yamaha RX-A8A supports all leading Dolby and DTS formats. It also comes equipped with an Auro-3D feature via a future update. What does it mean? A8A lets you accommodate even a simple system to a highly sophisticated surround sound speaker system.

Splendid network audio system

The network audio systems of Yamaha AV receivers are renowned for their immaculate quality and reliability. MusicCast is an integral part of this system. It lets you control everything with precision and comfort using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or a smartphone.

No matter whether you want to play a piece of particular music everywhere or divide the sound into different zones, this receiver gets the job done with admirable accuracy. The splendid network system of RX A8A allows you to do whatever you want to create different moods in every single room. The MusicCast app equips you to handle the system effortlessly. You can alter the settings fast and easily.

AirPlay2 Compatibility

Apart from MusicCast, A8A works harmoniously with AirPlay2. Music streaming becomes an enjoyable process. It can be done using any Apple device wirelessly. That is to say, this device lets you stream music around your home with complete freedom.

RX A8A provides excellent flexibility when it comes to streaming music. You can use any service, including Qobuz, Spotify Premium, Deezer, and Pandora. The list is endless. This device improves the quality of sound with the help of advanced streaming services.

Video features

This model is compatible with most Dolby Vision formats. It also supports HDR10+ and HDR to deliver an outstanding video experience for viewers. The pass-through support of this device is 8K at 60P and 4K at 120P. Moreover, this product is cable of 4K upscaling as well. Overall, these features guarantee an enjoyable watching experience.

Yamaha RX-A8A – Connectivity

yamaha rx-a8a back

If you search for rear A/V inputs on this model, you can come across 7 HDMI inputs. It contains 2 Digital Coaxial inputs, 3RCA Component inputs, and 5 Stereo RCA inputs. Further, you can find 3 Optical TOSLINK inputs and 1 Stereo XLR input.

What about the rear AV outputs? This advanced Yamaha home theater receiver comes with 3 HDMI outputs. Other notable features include 2 RCA Subwoofers, 11-Channel RCA Pre-Out, and one each Stereo RCA Zone 2 and Zone 3 outputs. The XLR balanced interface of this model ensures superior connectivity benefits. You can expect extra shielding that offers the best protection against electrical interference.

The wireless security features of this product include WPA2-PSK, WEP, and AES. The audio codecs supported by this model are SBC and AAC. As mentioned above, RX A8A stays perfectly compatible with MusicCast and AirPlay2. It sports a built-in Bluetooth adapter and a Wi-Fi adapter to optimize the connectivity features.

Yamaha RX-A8A – Sound Quality and Performance

The amplifier of this device boasts 11 channels. You can expect 11.2-channel processing from this receiver. What about the sound output per channel? At 8Ohms, each channel produces 150 watts. It generates 165 watts at 6Ohms.

The power this home theater receiver generates is exceptional. Apart from the tremendous power, RX A8A handles sound perfectly to deliver an impeccable listening experience. The reproduction of music and movies is done with meticulous precision and control. Don’t worry about immediate volume dips or peaks. This model provides optimal dynamic range to deliver the best listening environment.

When you watch movies, you can experience the prowess of this AV receiver. It handles battle scenes and other action-oriented scenes with perfection to take the overall quality to unprecedented heights. The front soundstage of this model is unbeatable. With incredible side expansion and depth, A8A stands taller among most receivers. If you want to buy a home theater receiver that provides the best cinematic experience, look no further than A8A.

Many users often talk highly about the surround activity. All channels come together harmoniously to deliver an unmatched immersive experience. The panning sounds stay precise throughout to create an ideal immersion bubble. Even harsh critics of Yamaha receivers would appreciate the clear and accurate bass.

Yamaha RX A8A will never make you feel disappointed in terms of control and clarity at low or high levels. If you increase the volume, you can keep your neighbors terrified with the amazing sound impact. This device never loses its balance and control, even when you push it to maximum limits.

The music reproduction capabilities of Yamaha receivers are immensely popular among AV enthusiasts all around the world. This model takes this capability to the next level. With a harmonious combination of impeccable tonality, precision, and articulation, A8A makes your music listening sessions thoroughly entertaining.

This top-quality AV receiver renders a wide range of music genres perfectly. It retains the originality of the music efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether you want to listen to music or watch movies or television series; Yamaha RX-A8A keeps you entertained forever.



  • Attractive design and superior build quality
  • Excellent DSP capabilities
  • Advanced HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Impeccable sound quality
  • Sophisticated music optimizer
  • A robust amplifier
  • Excellent compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Flexible surround AI features


  • Missing front HDMI ports
  • The build quality of the remote is average

Final Words

Now, you have a clear idea of the features, performance, and capabilities of the Yamaha RX-A8A. What do you think? Does it offer the best value for money? The answer is pretty simple. This feature-rich home theater receiver offers superior audio capabilities, connectivity, amplifier performance, and video features to deliver the best user experience. The overall design looks pretty impressive as well. If you are on the lookout for a sophisticated and reliable AV receiver, look no further than RX A8A.


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